Monday, September 27, 2010

Support for Online Gambling in India

Now this is an interesting reaction to the recent cricket scandal involving three Pakistani players, and perhaps it’s ultimately the most rational one possible. No less an authority than the U.K. government has reportedly backed the full legalization of sports betting – and particularly online sportsbooks – in India.

Sports betting in India is illegal but after the recent match fixing contoversy that involved three Pakistani players, interesting suggestions and reactions have come up and a big authority like the U.K. Government itself has said that sports betting should be legalized in India and specially online sports books in India.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gaming while you are on the way

The digital gaming industry is looking forward to the mobile 3G rollout with the great enthusiasm. The 3G regime will allow a sharp step-up in mobile gaming from single-player Java downloads to multi-player, social gaming, enabled by high-speed data transfer capabilities. With the fast proliferation of smartphones — affordable and high-end — mobile gaming has already started creating noticeable ripples in India. GPRS-supported mobile phones enable mobile game play. A mobile VAS (value-added services) report says that India’s mobile gaming industry stands at Rs 541 crore, which is 4.56 per cent of the total VAS revenue of Rs 11,860 crore. Frost & Sullivan estimates that the Indian mobile gaming industry will touch Rs 3,100 crore by 2014.

Samir Bangara, COO, Indiagames, had put the size of the mobile gaming industry at a more conservative Rs 250 crore during the June launch of Happydent White’s mobile game, developed by his company. He said, “Post the 3G rollout, the segment is expected to grow at a much faster pace. There are about 40 million mobile internet users in the country, a number that is expected to increase exponentially.”

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Play Online Game and Help Reduce Hunger

Yes, it is true. Now you can play an online game, improve your vocabulary and help reduce hunger because the more you play this oline game, the more rice are donated through the world food programme which is helping in ending hunger.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dr. Samuel Johnson on Playing Card Games

I am sorry, I have not learned to play at cards. It is very useful in life; it generates kindness and consolidates society 

--Dr. Samuel Johnson (1709-1784)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Potential of Online Games

With the rising interest and reach of computers, mobile, Internet and overall technological advancement, the arena of online gaming has been benefited the most and Asian countries like Japan, Korea, China and now India have noticed major growth in the online gaming segment.

There have been success stories where some games have seen more than 750,000 users playing the game simultaneously and this number suggests that the success of online gaming in Asian countries has been far better than that in the US or any other European country. The number itself is the answer to the potential of online games industry.

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