Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dehla Pakad Card Game

Dehla Pakad is a four player card game played in India. Dehla Pakad card game is very exciting, easy to learn and offers a unique game everytime you play it.

Dehla pakad card game is loved by elderly people and is played all nights in villages of India. A slight variation of Dehla pakad is also known as Coat piece. Dehla pakad is considered to be a game of smart people and needs some strategy to win it.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Teen do Paanch Card Game

Teen do Paanch is a three player card game played in India usually by kids. Teen do paanch card game is very exciting, easy to learn and loads of fun.

In India, kids usually start with saath-aath card game and then move up the ladder with teen do paanch and then they take on card games like rummy, dehla pakad, chokdi, teen-patti etc. These games are a little tough as it involves higher degree of tricks involved.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Social Gaming rising in India

The social gaming landscape in the country is witnessing a growth momentum due to easy access to mobile and Internet facilities which is offering youths exciting platforms for expanding their circle of friends.

The growth of social networks sites, the time spent by users on them, the high entertainment value proposition and opportunity to engage in fun and casual interaction with friends, was fuelling the social gaming market, say social gaming experts.

"Worldwide over 500 million play social games. In India more than 10 million (over 50 per cent) of Facebook users play social games", says Deepak Abbot, Vice President-Product,, one of the leading social gaming players.

Cricket dons a digital avatar this gaming season

Zapak, Nazara, Jump Games, Sony and Dream11 set to release games on the mobile, internet platforms to cash in on frenzy

This month, the sub-continent will host the ICC World Cup 2011 — and cashing in on the ubiquitous cricket buzz will be the Indian mobile and internet gaming industry.

“The cricket World Cup appeals to a wide audience, with even non-cricket enthusiasts getting involved. Games ideally need to be reasonably priced and should be able to touch base with the masses,” said Rohit Sharma, CEO (digital business), Reliance BIG Entertainment.

21 Cards Rummy