Thursday, November 10, 2011

Multiplayer Rummy

Multiplayer Rummy almost always scores over a 2 player rummy game. Multiplayer Rummy is synonymous with more players, more cash to be won and ofcourse more fun. Being a game of skill, Rummy touches new heights when palyed in the Multi-player Rummy format.

How to Play Multiplayer Rummy ?
Multiplayer Rummy is a game that is typically played with 2 or more packs of 53 cards each (including one printed joker per pack). Arranging all 13 cards in sequences and/or sets is the objective of Multiplayer rummy. A sequence is constituted of 3 or more running cards of the same suit (eg 3, 4, 5, 6 of spade). A set is formed by 3 or more cards of the same face value (eg 3 of spade, 3 of heart, 3 of diamond). At the start of each game, a Joker is randomly selected and it can be used in place of any other card. Players can use one or more jokers to complete their sets and/or sequences.

A pure sequence is a sequence that has no joker. To declare in a multi-player rummy game, a player must have at least two sequences, at least one of which must be pure. The draw pile is formed by cards that are not dealt to any player and are placed face down on the table. The discard pile is formed next to the draw pile by placing the top card from the draw pile face up,

What is the method of scoring employed in Multiplayer Rummy?
Scoring may be done differently in various versions of Multi-player Rummy but in the Indian version, players generally play for points having a pre-decided value in Rupees. The winnings at the end of this multiplayer Rummy game are calculated as the sum of points accumulated by opponents, multiplied by the currency value of those points. When played online, the fees of the games website hosting this multiplayer Rummy game may also be deducted from the winnings.

Benefits of Multi-player Rummy
Like most other multiplayer games, multiplayer rummy is a game filled with energy, enthusiasm, edginess and fun. Multi-player rummy is a handy tool that lets you make friends when you are on a long distance train or bus journey. Apart from killing boredom, it is also helps sharpen your logical application skills. Playing multiplayer rummy at parties or at family weddings and functions, makes for perfect entertainment for everyone. But owing to our hectic work lives, most of us are unable to physically meet up with friends and family members often. Here again, multiplayer rummy comes to your rescue with it's online version connecting all your loved ones over your favourite game.

So folks, gather your loved ones whether online or offline and see this multiplayer rummy game strengthen your bond

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