Friday, June 25, 2010

Why video games matter

Video games almost took over Tom Bissell's life, thrusting him into an intoxicating months-long, cocaine-fueled binge playing Grand Theft Auto.

But like any good writer, he got a book out of it -- and possibly a new career direction.

Bissell's book, "Extra Lives: Why Video Games Matter," was published this month by Random House's Pantheon imprint and is part criticism of video games as an art form, part social commentary and part memoir.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

LVS Head, Adelson, Proposes Casino Resorts in India, Again

The majority owner of Las Vegas Sands wants India to enter the gambling resort business so as to tax revenue escaping to online casinos and illegal gaming operations. Sheldon Adelson has been pursuing the development of a gambling strip similar to Las Vegas or Cotai somewhere in India for over two years, but has been rebuffed by the government.

Adelson says he'd like to open an upscale casino complex like the one he operates in Singapore either in Mumbai, New Delhi, or another large Indian city. He emphasizes the casino would target middle-and upper-class citizens, and would be far removed from the underground gaming venues popular throughout the country.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Gaming's new face and moves

I have never boasted about my gaming abilities; hand me an Xbox Controller and I am all thumbs. While I am passionate about the gaming industry in India and expect it to be a core entertainment option for families, I have never been overly optimistic about it exploding into a multi-billion-dollar industry in India overnight. Therefore, it is no surprise that my Xbox gamer tag happens to be “Indiancynic”.

All this was true until the recently concluded E3 or the Electronic Entertainment Expo. This is easily the world’s biggest gaming show, where gaming companies, console makers and publishers gather at the LA Convention centre to showcase their latest wares and innovations. The show more than lived up to its hype. As I roamed the gargantuan halls, the excitement and passion in the air was tangible. Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Lara Croft, Masterchief from Halo — they were all there, walking the halls along with me, with thousands of exhibitors, media personnel and consumers from all over the world. The Big 3 console makers were there in full force: Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. So were all the big publishers — EA, Konami, Ubisoft, and the Indian gaming biggie, UTV Ignition.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Rising interest in online gambling legalisation

The latest statistics on lobbying expenditure in US politics indicates that there is still a keen interest in online gambling and the legalization question.

Mark Balestra’s e-gaming consultancy BolaVerde Media Group has released a report on declared lobbying expenditure over the first quarter of 2010, which shows that Harrah’s Entertainment Incorporated is still a big spender in the sector as it promotes the idea of legalised online gambling.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Indiagames To Change Brand To UTV Indiagames

Indiagames, India's benchmark mobile, online and ITV Games Company and a leading global mobile game publisher, will now function under the brand name of UTV Indiagames. The company will adopt the new brand name as part of its ongoing synergy with its majority stake holder - UTV Software Communications Ltd (UTV). The registered name of the company will continue to be Indiagames Ltd. There is no change in the company's management, or operations and the shareholding pattern remains unaltered.. The original logo of the Company will continue to be a trademark of Indiagames and used as appropriate from time to time.

"UTV and Indiagames have significant business synergies. We believe the new brand creates a stronger positioning for the two companies in the business environment" said Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder of Indiagames Ltd.

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