Monday, July 19, 2010

Four Reasons Why Gaming is Good for Couples

It gives the two of you an excuse to spend time together

So many girls complain about their boyfriends being hopelessly addicted to video games. What’s so understand about it: video games are FUN!

Besides, these are the modern days. Video games are created for every demographic one could possibly imagine! Developers have thought of everything and everyone. After all, games like Bejeweled aren’t created with unbelievably intricate controls and levels, simply because the developers knew that this would be what the type of game that target audience wanted.

It is this simple concept of fun that makes gaming a great way to spend a couple of afternoons or evenings with your partner.

Friendly competition never hurt anyone
Consoles like the Nintendo Wii can add a new dimension to a relationship.

If you are planning on buying one, then make sure your significant other plays with you. It is a great way to get a little bit of alone time with each other, while also having fun friendly competitions.

Don’t worry guys, if your girlfriend has better results at Wii Fit than you, only the two of you need to know. Surely that would be be better than your girl lifting more than you in the gym, right?

Even the happiest of couples should compete against each other once in awhile. Besides, if you’re arguing about where to eat dinner (or what movie to watch), why not decide by playing a quick round of your favorite multiplayer game?
It widens the range of gifts that you can buy for each other
How many times have you had trouble thinking about what to buy for your partner on their birthday? After all, how many earrings, shoes, bags or books can one really give?

Well, if you and your significant other were to become gamers, then that gift list REALLY opens up!

Think about the possibilities:
  • Is she really excited about the latest role-playing game? There, a gift.
  • Is he thinking about that new console, or new peripherals? There, a gift.
  • Did she love Farm Frenzy? Go ahead, buy her Farm Frenzy 2 and 3.
  • Does she want more virtual money to buy things in her favorite social game? There’s another gift!
Just hope that the two of you don’t buy each other the latest console as a Christmas gift. Unless of course one of you has a younger sibling that would REALLY enjoy one.
You never know how much fun it could be to play with your partner
There’s no way to find this out unless you try playing games with them. This applies especially to the guys that think their girlfriends could never be good at or enjoy the games they play in.

NEWSFLASH: Some of the best gamers in the worlds are female! It doesn’t matter what genre you’re talking about. Be it casual, social, single player or multiplayer gaming, girls have proved over the last decade that they can kick some butt!

Plenty of ladies are great at games like World of Warcraft, as well as more casual titles like Bejeweled. In fact, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) estimates that 40 percent of gamers in America are women. While that number by itself is impressive, there is another statistic that is even more mind-blowing: Women gamers over the age of 18 make up almost twice as much of the total gaming population as men under the age of 17 do (34% compared to 18%).

These numbers are not limited to America, however. Think about it, how many of your female friends can now be found playing games? We bet the number is bigger than you can possibly imagine!

Many more could be great, if you would only introduce them to the games. You never know, you might have the best healer on the server sitting right next to you, waiting to fulfill their destiny.

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