Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dehla Pakad Card Game

Dehla Pakad is a four player card game played in India. Dehla Pakad card game is very exciting, easy to learn and offers a unique game everytime you play it.

Dehla pakad card game is loved by elderly people and is played all nights in villages of India. A slight variation of Dehla pakad is also known as Coat piece. Dehla pakad is considered to be a game of smart people and needs some strategy to win it.
The beauty of Dehla Pakad is that a player has to focus/guess the opponent's cards as well as his team member's cards and the trump is not declared at the start of the game. Also, the aim is not only to make seven hands but also get a minimum of two 10s at the end of the game which makes it more exciting. See how Dehla Pakad card game is played and you will know how much fun it is:

Players in Dehla Pakad card game: 4 players (two teams of two players each)

Number of cards in a Dehla Pakad card game: Dehla pakad is played with a single pack of 52 cards.

Hands in a Dehla Pakad card game: The aim is to make 7 hands and collect a minimum of two 10s. If team A makes seven hands but the team B gets three 10s, team A would be the looser. If both the team gets two 10s each, the team that gets seven hands wins the game.

Dealer: A quick draw of cards is done and the player who gets the Jack becomes the dealer.

Card distribution in a Dehla Pakad card game: 13 cards are distributed to each player in three rounds where 5 cards are distributed in first round and 4 cards each in two following rounds.

Trump: Trump is not decided in the beginning of the game but a trump is decided is during the game and it could be anyone from the four players who can declare the trump. Suppose player A and C are in team X and B and D are in team Y. Now during the game suppose player A plays a card from hearts and player B doesn't have a card from hearts, player B will play a card from some other suit and whatever suit player B plays, becomes the trump for that game.

This is where the fun begins as A, C and D would wonder, what would B play and what trump would open. Even B's partner D would keep guessing. B would have to carefully think, assess his cards and guess his partner D's cards and then declare the trump.

If any team is able to collect all four 10s, then its a COAT on the looser team. It is like winning a series of matches.

Goal of a Dehla Pakad Game: The aim is to make seven hands and a minimum of two 10s.

Dehla Pakad card game is quite popular in states like Bihar, UP and MP while some of the other popular card games in these regions are 29 and rummy. When playing in person, many like to play Dehla Pakad for real money as well but It might not be legal to play Dehla Pakad online for real money which may be the reason why an online Dehla Pakad card game is not available. As far as legality is concerned, only rummy card game is allowed to be played online for real money in India.


Anwar said...

How can i download or play online this game

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Hi Anwar
there is no need to download rummy software or any heavy file to enjoy a world class rummy game experience. Games24x7 has worked tirelessly to offer/provide its users the facility to play rummy online and not download rummy software.

deepak said...

How do I download dehla pakad on my Samsung note

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