Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Throw a fun card party this Diwali

Planning to throw a Diwali card party for your friends and family? Make it the coolest one! Read on for some deadly ideas to ensure your guests have a cracker of a time.

Send out an Inspiring InviteSend out a creative invitation card to all your guests giving them an inkling of the excitement that’s in store for them. Since it is a playing cards party you are inviting them for, you could try designing an invite on a playing card.

To do this you could take a set of playing cards and on the back (which has the design) paste a computer printout of your invitation. Make colourful envelopes of the same size with old magazine pages and hand these out. We bet they will appreciate your creativity.

Get set go on the taash tablePlaying cards does not necessarily mean that you have to have loads of money on stake. We suggest play without money so that your fun event does not turn ugly.

Rummy is one such popular game of cards that mostly everyone knows how to play. So, you can get rolling with that. As your guests get into a mood with time, switch to playing more innovative games. Here are a few card game ideas to get you started:

Shoot it!Make a pitcher of a fruity shots (not so high o alcohol) that all will be able to enjoy. Get a set of shot glasses out. Now deal 4 cards to each of the players, not totaling to more than 12. The goal of this game is to collect four of a kind (four queens, four aces, four three’s etc). The person to the right of the dealer will start the game by taking the remaining cards (the number of which will vary depending on the number of players). The player will take a look at the cards and exchange a card with one of his/hers if he/she so pleases. Then the player will pass the cards to the next player, who will do the same. The first person to collect four of kind will be the winner and will get a shot. As other players one by one collect fours, the people who’ve already finished can continue to pour themselves a shot with each player’s finish.

Trace the aceThis is a perfect game for 6-8 people. Remove the Jokers and all the Aces except the Ace of Hearts from a pack of cards. Deal the remaining cards evenly among the players. All players must keep their cards hidden from others throughout the game. Any player can begin the game by randomly pulling a card out of another player’s cards, fanned out and facing the floor. If the card now makes a matching pair (two queens, two three’s and so on) with any one of the player’s cards, the pair can then be discarded. The game continues around the circle in this fashion with the goal of discarding as many cards as possible by making pairs. A player wins when they have discarded all their cards. The last card left will be the Ace of Hearts, and the player holding it at the end is the loser. The remaining players can collectively give the loser a fun punishment.

Now get thinking and create your own fun games. You can also organize card hunts, lucky prizes for holders of a certain card, a truth or dare question to be asked to the holder of a certain card and so on.

Plan the bites and the drinksIt’s a card party and you will want to have some fun too. So plan the food and drinks in advance. Pour pitchers of beer and keep pitchers of cocktails mixed earlier in the evening and chilled—on the taash table. Also keep snacks and even the crockery ready before the guests arrive so that all you do after their arrival is serve and set it on table.

Keep the main dinner simple. You can order in Chinese or Pizzas. This way you wouldn’t be stuck toiling away in the kitchen. Just remember to order food that is easy to pick and eat while playing.

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