Thursday, March 11, 2010

FIFA `09 Review

I purchased FIFA 2009 for the PSP for a price of Rs 1600  and FIFA 09 had my attention as soon as I popped the disc in.

FIFA `09 looks refreshingly good on the PSP, but if you have played the earlier installments of FIFA, then the game play is not a revolution but an evolution.

Every year, they make small changes that make the game more real. But what I liked was a long game list of game modes (more than any other game on the PSP) that will take you a long time to master and provide good depth for all gamers. Here are a few:
Football IQ is great, as it tests you on your football knowledge in a fun quiz format and really tells how little you know about the game.

Be a pro: Here you step into the shoes of your favorite super star and rise the ranks to lead the team.

Online play is also fulfilling I just wished there were more WiFi hot spots in India
But what takes the cake is the music. All I can say is that if you buy this game you can leave your iPod at home.

But on the down side the game has a steep learning curve and putting balls behind the net can be very frustrating too. Simply put, if you don’t love the game step aside this one is not for you.

To sum it up this game is a total explosion for your handheld and is a complete paisa vasool. Also, with titles like these coming, it is a good time to buy a PSP.

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