Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sexiest babes of action games

You thought action games are a male forte? All those adrenalin pumping action games have male protagonists? Time you meet these hot action babes.

These hot bods have made many action video games hotsellers by not just their sex appeal, but by their impeccable action skills and heroism.

Here's meeting the sexiest action heroines of the gaming world.

Lara croft is a female Indiana Jones with Daisy Duke shorts, a tight tank top shirt and two pistols. The buxom adventurer has become a cultural icon, appearing in more than 10 games, two feature films and several comic books and novels.

Lara Croft also plays a protagonist in the Eidos Interactive's Tomb Raider video game series. In 2006, Lara was honoured with a star on the Walk of Game and was awarded a Guinness World Record recognising her as the "most successful human video game heroine."

In 2001, Lara was brought to life by actress Angelina Jolie for the film Tomb Raider.

Beautiful, deadly and pigtailed are the words mostly used to describe Cammy, the second female character in the Street Fighter series. Though, still not as widely popular as Chun-Li, the young warrior has left an eternal footprint on the Street Fighter series.

Cammy first appeared in the fighting game Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, which was released in 1993, as one of the four new characters.

In the game, Cammy is a 19-year-old agent of the fictional Delta Red task force within MI6. In the Japanese version of her ending, she is revealed to have been an agent working for M Bison in the past, who lost her memory during an operation. In the English version of the game, this was changed into revealing that Cammy was Bison's lover. Cammy is shown as a petite girl with muscles, grown to supplement her thin body. Has long blond hair, which she usually ties in two pigtails. She has blue eyes and a scar on her left cheek. Blue-eyed Cammy is a close-range fighter who often hurls herself at the enemy.

Mona Sax is the key character of the game series Max Payne. She is the tragic love interest of Max in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne.

Sax has been modeled after Kathy Tong a Hollywood model. She plays a contract killer and fits in perfectly in the dark world of Max Payne. In Max Payne, Mona is thought to have been killed by mobsters while she was trying to kill Angello Punchinello who she calls a “sadistic wife beater” in Max Payne, but she apparently survived.

Mona is introduced in Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne as a suspect the murder of a Senator.

 Kitana is a lead character in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series. Aged over 10,000 years old, she is the step daughter of Shao Kahn, later his enemy. Her main weapon includes fan that can rip up her enemies apart.

Through the years, she first portrays the character of a loyal step daughter of Shao Kahn; then his enemy, freeing herself away from his grasp and freeing her home realm of Edenia. Later she leads an army into Outworld to combat any chance of Shao Kahn rising to power again.

Her character is driven by a search for justice, redemption, and peace. Later in the game she falls in love with Earthrealm champion Liu Kang until he was murdered by the Deadly Alliance.

Former STARS (Special Tactics And Rescue Service) agent, Jill Valentine is one of the most popular characters of the Resident Evil series. Among the original characters of Resident Evil, she is the main heroine of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis and also appears as one of the main characters in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and in the second Resident Evil movie, Resident Evil: Apocalypse.

Valentine is often jokingly referred to as `the master of unlocking' due to a phrase in the game.

Jill's standard and most well-known outfit is a pair of blue assault pants with a light blue form fitting shirt and shoulder/neck armour, completed with a blue beret on her head.

On her desk is a picture which looks like of a young man, and it is widely speculated that he possibly is her boyfriend. However, this is one of the biggest mysteries in the series, as so far there is no mention of her having any kind of romantic relationship.

A secondary character in the Resident Evil series, Ada Wong is still a compelling figure as the femme fatale of the popular game series. An utterly seductive temptress, she oozes oomph even in zombie infested wastelands.

A mysterious American woman of Asian descent, Ada plays a cunning secret agent. She is voiced by actress Sally Cahill in Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4, and has also appeared in The Umbrella Chronicles.

Red-clad, cunning and formidable, she plays a role of secret agent of Chinese heritage.

Rayne is half human, half vampire and red-headed. She spends her days sleeping and nights slaughtering Nazi occult groups, evil vampires and other supernatural forces.

She has appeared in a music video, a comic book series and a feature film played by Kristanna Loken of “Terminator 3” fame. Rayne has made a cameo appearance in Majesco's PSP game, Infected.

Rayne is a bloodthirsty American Dhampir with the ability to jump more than 20 feet in the air. She runs unnaturally fast and can also fire one gun in each hand at different targets.

Rayne's character design is highly sexual in nature and she is the first video game character that has appeared in the Playboy Magazine. She has also made appearance in MTV's "Video Mods", a music video on song "Everybody's Fool".

Samus Aran is lead player in the Metroid video game series. Called Hunter by her arch enemies and Hatchling by Chozo, who brought her up after her parents were killed in a Space Pirate raid, Samus is regarded as one of the earliest and most significant female protagonists in the history of video games.

Samus hunts aliens called the Space Pirates and energy-draining alien parasites called Metroids. Wearing a Power Suit in some part of the Metroid series to protect herself from adverse environments and enemy fire, Samus also sports revealing bikini in some scenes.

Some recent games replace Samus bikini by a less revealing and more functional blue bodysuit, dubbed the Zero Suit. The original Metroid which was released in 1986 shows a pixilated Samus in a pink leotard and boots. The attire was considered extremely revealing during that time.

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