Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tiger Woods Rejects Offer from Online Gambling Operator

After over a dozen of Tiger Woods’ extra-marital affairs came forward to the press, the golfer was dropped by several of his sponsors, which contributed to his $110 million income last year. Gillette and Gatorade are among the companies of whom Woods is now a former spokesperson, eliminating a large portion of the golfer’s earnings for the upcoming year. But, it seems that he is not too worried about his financial future, as he has just rejected a $75 million offer from an online gambling operator.

Paddy Power, an online betting website based in Ireland, recently offered Woods a $75 million sponsorship campaign over 5 years. The company believed that now was an opportune moment to make their offer to Woods, who would have generated a great deal of interest in Paddy Power's products. The company stated that Woods was a sports figure with which it would be happy to become aligned, and the opportunity would have been a beneficial one for both sides.

The deal would have undoubtedly compensated for the loss of Woods' previous sponsors, but the living sports legend has decided to reject the offer. Woods' agency has stated that it is not interested in taking on any new sponsors for their client at this current point in time.

Paddy Power remains hopeful, however. The company has stated that they will prepare an enhanced offer, this time keeping the details under wraps.

Online Gambling News, March 2010

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