Thursday, March 11, 2010

Street Fighter 4 Review

Pocket money. I used to get about 20 bucks from my father every week. It doesn’t sound a lot at all now, but back then, it was good enough to fit 3 needs -- arcade gaming, WWF cards and food. Gaming parlours as they were called, was our hangout. The need for some serious button mashing was satisfied here and this is where boys became “street” boys. Of course, there was the usual “Pacman”, but no other game was better than drum roll Street Fighter!

The game was simple, the characters were great and the fights were awesome! I as a kid started playing Street Fighter 2 more than 15 years ago; but the memories are as fresh as ever. As every game does, Street Fighter came to the PS3, and I was seriously impressed! My fingers have never felt this sore in a very long time. Here’s why:

Does the game look awesome?
Hell yeah! It looks brilliant. From the second I popped in the disc, it was vibrant colours all the way! Right from the opening AV to the gaming environments, it all looks good. The characters have gotten quite a good makeover with extra large biceps, big teeth, super long feet and electric green skin!

Unlike other games in the same genre like “Tekken”, the characters are 3D, they don’t exactly look that. It looks like a 2D-moving picture character, the best way I can put it. The downer would be that the cut scenes are quite average with no flair at all. But then again, you are just going to skip through the cut scenes right?

Everybody likes Kung-fu fighting! Let’s fight!

Round 1. Fight! Familiar words aren’t they? The fights in Street Fighter 4 are simple yet so entertaining! The kicks and punches are skilfully revamped with a whole host of new special moves like the focus effect and better countering. As with all button mashers, the moves in Street Fighter 4 are easy to do, but difficult to master! Newbie luck plays a serious role here.

The sad part is that there is no depth in gameplay, it doesn’t go beyond the jabs and the awesome moves. Character list is pretty much the same with the addition of 4 new characters Abel, Crimson Viper, Rufus and El Fuerte. The fights will keep you entertained for a while, but soon enough you are going to pop in another disc and forget all about this one.

Is Streetfighter 4 worth my time?

Considering all the fond memories that it brought back for me, I would say thumbs up. The gameplay is good, the environment is beautiful and I like winning at this game. But if you are not a fan of the franchise, then it’s totally ok to skip this and go for something with a little more meat. Street Fighter 4 is rated at 3.5 stars.

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